Introducing MICA: A Game-Changing Platform for Major Incident Management

Empower Law Enforcement Agencies with Real-time Collaboration, Enhanced Efficiency, and Streamlined Workflows in Critical Situations

MICA is a revolutionary communications and workflow platform designed specifically for law enforcement agencies. Built to manage the complex and time-sensitive nature of major incidents like child abductions and active shooter scenarios, MICA enables seamless collaboration across multiple agencies in real-time. Stay one step ahead with MICA’s powerful digital briefings, geospatial task assignments, and officer welfare checks, all accessible through any smart device.

Real-Time Digital Briefings

MICA’s real-time digital briefings provide a continuous flow of crucial information to officers in the field. Stay up-to-date on case developments and ensure that everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are. With MICA, you can trust that your team is working with the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Kanban Workflow & Investigative Leads

MICA’s innovative workflow tool revolutionizes the way your team tracks case progress. The intuitive Kanban chart visualizes investigative leads, giving you a clear picture of the situation at a glance. Easily identify the current status, priority, and ownership of each lead, making it easier than ever to manage complex cases.

Geospatial Task Assignment

MICA’s groundbreaking geospatial task assignment technology optimizes officer deployment by minimizing travel time. By assigning tasks based on each officer’s location, MICA boosts efficiency and reduces response times, ensuring that your team is always in the right place at the right time.

Secure Communication Across Devices

MICA’s platform enables officers to communicate securely via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Share updates, coordinate actions, and collaborate on case developments with full confidence in the security of your communications.

Officer Welfare Checks

Safety is paramount. MICA’s Officer Welfare Checks system ensures the well-being of officers in the field by locating their devices and allowing them to silently report their status. Incident Command can easily monitor the safety of all team members and take necessary actions in case of any concerns.

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